RED to Alexa LUT Package

This package helps transform RED material to more closely match an ARRI Alexa’s gamma and colorspace - providing an alternative starting point for further grading... Learn More

Try out the LUTs on some custom images using our Interactive Demo.

Included LUT Formats:

Iridas x64 .cube
Iridas x32 .cube
Iridas x17 .cube
Autodesk x17 12bit .3dl

Additional LUT formats may be available upon request.

1.1 Update - 04/07/2017

A set of LUTs have been included that remove the +1 Stop adjustment. These LUTs are located in the "RED IPP2" folder and require the footage to be set to REDWideGamutRGB / Log3G10.

A special LUT has also been added: "RED_IPP2_ALEXA_LOOK", which works as a "Creative 3D LUT" under the new IPP2 implementation.

Recommended IPP2 settings: Medium Contrast / Soft Roll-Off (3).

The original LUTs (which include the +1 Stop correction) are now located in the "LEGACY" folder, and support both Log3G10 and the older REDlogFilm gamma curves.

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