RED to Alexa LUT Package

This package transforms RED material to closely emulate an ARRI Alexa’s gamma and colorspace – providing an alternative starting point for further grading.

The LUTs are based on an average of actual camera data. Additional grading may still be required to completely match the two cameras in a particular scene. Try out the Interactive Demo.

Supported Inputs*

REDWideGamutRGB / LOG3G10
REDWideGamutRGB / REDlogFilm

Supported Outputs

ARRI WideGamut / LogC
ARRI FilmMatrix / LogC
Rec709 Preview

*Works with all RED camera models & sensors.

RED to Alexa LUT Package Chart


Built with precision and quality control, the LUTs have been thoroughly stress tested and do not introduce any unwanted banding or color artifacts.


The supported input gamma (REDlogFilm or LOG3G10) is mathematically transformed to ARRI’s LogC format. Some highlight rolloff was added to avoid clipping luminance data.


The color information is converted from REDWideGamutRGB to various ARRI formats using our Camera Profiling process. Since REDWideGamutRGB is a standardized colorspace, this LUT package works across all RED camera models.

ARRI Wide Gamut

This is the foundation for all other colorspace transforms. The Wide Gamut colorspace provides the most room for color grading and image manipulation. This is usually combined with ARRI’s standard LogC2Rec709 transform.

ARRI Film Matrix

An option using ARRI’s Film Matrix is included as well. This was originally built for the Alexa to mimic the color characteristics of film from an ARRI scanner. Ideal for a traditional film workflow involving a separate Print Film Emulation LUT.

Rec709 Preview

A Rec709 Preview LUT is also provided. Intended for dailies and in-camera previewing, the LUT is based on the ARRI LUT Generator’s standard “Rec709 LogC2Video K1S1 EE” transform curve, but has been re-built to better roll off the saturation on RED footage.


This transform is for use as a “Creative 3D LUT” in conjunction with RED’s new IPP2 system. When used with our recommended IPP2 settings, the result is designed to look similar to our “Rec709 Preview” LUT.
Recommended IPP2 settings: Medium Contrast / Soft Roll-Off (3).

All the LUTs implement a tone-mapping process to retain out-of-gamut colors.


Since firmware version 6.4, the Helium camera’s ISO rating has been increased by +1 Stop. Thus, the LUTs included in the “RED IPP2” folder do not have any additional exposure compensation (compared to their “LEGACY” counterparts).

These LUTs require the footage to be set to REDWideGamutRGB / Log3G10.


For older camera models, the Alexa has generally mapped 18% gray roughly a stop higher at equivalent ISO settings. This difference was compensated for by adding a +1 Stop adjustment to the LUTs in the “LEGACY” folder.

RED Metadata Alexa Curves

Part of the legacy options also include RED metadata curves, which are able to closely match the contrast of the Rec709 Preview LUT (with the +1 Stop correction), although color information will be inaccurate. These curves can be loaded in-camera for models that do not support 3D LUTs.

The Legacy LUTs support both Log3G10 and the older REDlogFilm gamma curves.

Recommended Workflow

While there are numerous workflow configurations available, here are a couple quick examples for getting started:


1. Set the camera to output REDWideGamutRGB / Log3G10
2. Apply our “RED_IPP2_to_AlexaV3Rec709” LUT to the camera or LUT box


1. Set R3D footage to REDWideGamutRGB / Log3G10
2. Adjust raw White Balance / Tint / ISO
3. Apply our “RED_IPP2_to_ARRIWideGamut” LUT
4. Grade
5. Use ARRI’s official LogC2Rec709 display LUT

For more detailed information, watch some of the recommended workflows in DaVinci Resolve and RED Cine-X:


You can purchase the LUT package here:

For any other inquiries about the LUT, please contact us.