1. Sample ICC Profiles

    Part of our Basic Calibration service, ICC Profiles are used to apply calibration data at the computer’s operating system level, ensuring consistency across all applications.

    During Windows & Mac calibration, it is important to load a NULL ICC Profile to remove any color adjustments the computer may have… Read More

  2. LUT Stress Test Image

    Not all LUTs are created equal. This image helps identify potential problems and artifacts with look-up tables… Learn More

    Refined the overall layout

  3. REDcolor4 LUT

    The LUT transforms REDWideGamutRGB to REDcolor4 using additional saturation mapping for out-of-gamut colors… Learn More

    Iridas x64 .cube
    Iridas x32 .cube
    Autodesk x17 12bit .3dl

    Rebuilt the LUT with an improved REDcolor4 algorithm