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  1. RED to Alexa LUT Package

    This package transforms RED material to closely emulate an ARRI Alexa’s gamma and colorspace – providing an alternative starting point for further grading.

    The LUTs are based on an average of actual camera data. Additional grading may still be required to completely match the two cameras in a… Read More

  2. Not All LUTs Are Created Equal

    Today there are many stylized “look LUTs” available, designed to make your footage appear more cinematic. But what are these LUTs really doing under the hood?

    When analyzed against a stress-test image, many of these LUTs exhibit severe banding and color artifacts – negatively affecting the… Read More

  3. FREE Saturation Rolloff LUT

    REDWideGamutRGB is a new colorspace option for RED footage. It can reproduce a much larger range of colors than REDcolor4, which is very useful for shots that have high saturation levels. However, it will look desaturated on a traditional monitor.

    The saturation rolloff LUT matches REDWideGamutRGB to REDcolor4,… Read More