RED to Alexa LUT Package

This package helps transform RED material to more closely match an ARRI Alexa’s gamma and colorspace - providing an alternative starting point for further grading... Learn More Try out the LUTs on some custom images using our Interactive Demo.

Included LUT Formats:

Iridas x64 .cube Iridas x33 .cube Iridas x32 .cube Iridas x17 .cube Autodesk x17 12bit .3dl


Additional LUT formats may be available upon request.


2.0 Update - 10/31/2017
Version 2.0 introduces improved color performance across the spectrum. The camera profiles have been rebuilt using additional samples, resulting in a more balanced image overall. Watch the Video

RED to Alexa LUT Package Update v2.0
2.01 Update - 08/22/2018
  • Optimized the AleaV3Rec709 LUT

  • Changed the file naming convention of ARRIWideGamut, ARRIFilmMatrix, AlexaV3Rec709 from "RED_IPP2" to "RED_Legacy" to better reflect the IPP2 workflow

UpdatedAugust 22, 2018
File Size13.18 MB
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