1. Camera Profiling

    Achieving consistent colors between different camera models is often challenging and time-consuming. Not only do the various camera sensors respond differently to light, but the image is further modified by each manufacturer’s custom gamma curve and color matrix. The profiling process takes these factors into account, resulting in a close match between the source cameras.

    Color Calibration Chart
    Custom 3D LUTs

    We can provide camera profiling services in the Los Angeles / Orange County area in which an Image Technician captures data from the desired camera equipment. The information is then processed by a Lab Technician for the final LUT generation.

    Camera Matching in Practice

    The following example is a camera test with cinematographer Sean Ryan, which illustrates the process.

    Panasonic GH2 Default
    RED Epic Default

    A 3D LUT was created to match the Panasonic GH2 footage with REDlogFilm.

    Panasonic GH2 Cineon Log LUT
    RED Epic REDlogFilm

    The result was then matched further in the grade.

    Panasonic GH2 Graded
    RED Epic Graded

    Some manual grading may still be necessary to completely match various shots together. In the above example, secondary corrections were used to bring some colors into alignment.

    Service Orders

    Profiling ServiceGeneral Pricing
    2 Camera Profiles + 1 Custom LUTGeneral Pricing: $875
    Additional Camera ProfilesGeneral Pricing: $375 each
    Additional Custom LUTsGeneral Pricing: $125 each
    Equipment RentalGeneral Pricing: Variable*

    *If the desired equipment to be profiled is not available, a camera rental option can be added to the order.

    For more information and service availability, please contact us.