1. Camera Profiling

    Camera Sensor

    Color Chart Meter

    Whether optimizing a sensor’s color response or matching multiple cameras together, our custom camera profiles are manually built and verified. We have found that, while there are many automated software processes that attempt something similar, the results often do not meet our quality standards. Learn more about stress-testing LUTs.

    Sensor Optimization

    Often, a camera sensor’s color response will differ from the scene’s actual colors. By analyzing some known color samples, we can create a 3D LUT that optimizes the camera colors for a particular scene. The optimized colors will be dependent on the camera’s white balance and exposure settings.

    In the following example, the default camera colors were optimized using a custom-built 3D LUT.

    Default Camera Color
    Optimized Camera Color

    The image was then stylized in the grade.

    Optimized Camera Color Graded

    Matching Cameras

    When working with multi-camera projects, dealing with color differences between various camera sensors and models can be challenging. Our camera matching process allows for a target camera’s look to be applied as a 3D LUT to the other cameras in the edit – streamlining the color grading process.

    The following camera test with cinematographer Sean Ryan illustrates the process.

    Default Panasonic GH2 Settings
    Default RED Epic Dragon Settings

    A 3D LUT was created to match the Panasonic GH2’s Smooth Profile to REDcolor4 / REDlogFilm.

    Panasonic GH2 LUT
    RED Epic Dragon REDlogFilm

    The same grade was applied to both shots.

    Panasonic GH2 LUT Graded
    RED Epic Dragon Graded

    Note: Some manual grading may still be necessary to completely match various shots together.

    Image Requirements

    By sending us a high-quality still frame of a properly exposed color chart (from one or more cameras in a scene), we will be able to optimize and / or match the colors based on the current lighting & white balance settings.

    Supported Charts:

    X-Rite Colorchecker DigitalSG

    X-Rite Colorchecker DigitalSG
    X-Rite Colorchecker Classic

    X-Rite ColorChecker Classic
    X-Rite Colorchecker Passport Photo

    X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo


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