1. Color Grading

    Hoshino Grading

    Our color grading process includes the following stages.

    Look Development

    Working closely with the director and cinematographer, we can help design an overall style for the project, as well as for individual scenes.

    Project Conform

    Supported Formats: DaVinci Resolve Project, Adobe Premiere Pro Project, XML, EDL, or AAF.

    Grading Icons

    The first stage involves preparing the project for grading. An exported version of the picture-locked film is required to verify that the conforming process remains aligned to the edit. Effects like speed changes may need to be pre-rendered before starting the grade.

    Initial Color Pass

    Based on any initial notes and direction, the first color pass is performed. This can include setting the overall look for a scene and matching various shots together for continuity.

    VFX Integration

    Hoshino VFX

    We can also assist with integrating the grade with visual effects. An example of VFX integration is outlined in our Hoshino case study.


    Grading Control Surface

    A second color pass is performed, implementing any additional feedback, and the final look is dialed in.

    Final Delivery

    The project is then exported to the desired delivery format, along with any necessary colorspace transformations.

    Project TypeAvg. LengthEst. Timeframe
    CommercialAvg. Length15-60 sec.Est. Timeframe5 Days
    Short FilmAvg. Length10-20 min.Est. Timeframe10 Days
    TelevisionAvg. Length30-60 min.Est. Timeframe20 Days
    FeatureAvg. Length90-180 min.Est. Timeframe30 Days

    DCP generation is available upon request.


    Depending on the project’s scope and delivery requirements, cost and timeframes may vary. Please contact us with your specific project details.