1. Display Calibration

    Display Calibration

    As a business entity or freelance professional working in digital cinema, graphic design, photography, or the medical field, having accurate color is essential.

    Most displays do not have any calibration applied and are inaccurate out-of-the-box. Differences in display technology can also result in color variations between devices.

    In the following example, actual calibration data was used to simulate what an image would look like when viewed on various displays. It would be difficult to know which “look” was intended by the content creator without calibration. In this case, example “B” is correct and shows what the image actually looks like.

    Display Calibration Example 1
    Display Calibration Example 2
    Display Calibration Example 3

    All these factors can lead to issues down-stream, where everyone sees a different image. This becomes a problem for content creators and lab technicians who rely on reference monitors for making important decisions.

    Basic Calibration

    Calibration ICC Profile

    Display TypeLaptops & Computer Screens
    PrerequisitesWindows 7+ or Mac OS X 10.6.8+
    Supported InterfacesHDMI, Thunderbolt, DVI, VGA
    Available CorrectionsWhite-Point, Gamma
    Calibration FileICC Profile
    Estimated Time45 Minutes

    Computer monitors and laptops using Windows* or Mac operating systems can be calibrated to have an accurate white-point and gamma using a standard ICC Profile. This is applied at the operating system level and ensures consistency across all applications.

    Learn how to install ICC Profiles on Windows | Mac.

    *When using a multi-display setup on Windows, the screen mode must be set to extended (not duplicated) for the ICC Profiles to load.

    Advanced Calibration

    Calibration 3D LUT

    Display TypeExternal Monitors, TVs, and Projectors
    PrerequisitesInternal 3D LUT support or External LUT Box
    Supported InterfacesHDMI, HD-SDI
    Available CorrectionsWhite-Point, Gamma, Hue, Saturation
    Calibration File3D LUT
    Estimated Time2 Hours

    External monitors, TVs, and projectors can be calibrated using a full 3D LUT (Look-Up Table), allowing for the most color accuracy possible (within the limits of a target display’s colorspace). Hue and saturation can be balanced in addition to white-point and gamma, which is essential for color-critical work.

    The 3D LUT is loaded directly into supported displays, or through a separate LUT Box.

    Uncalibrated Color

    Calibrated ICC Profile Color

    Calibrated 3D LUT Color

    Uncalibrated Gamma
    Calibrated ICC Profile Gamma
    Calibrated 3D LUT Gamma

    The above calibration data illustrates the differences between a Basic ICC Profile and an Advanced 3D LUT. As can be seen, the Basic profile is able to balance the monitor’s white-point and gamma, but only the Advanced 3D LUT can achieve accuracy across the color spectrum.

    On-Site Evaluation

    Klein K10-A Probe

    We provide on-site consultations to evaluate your specific calibration needs. Our calibration services are available in the Los Angeles / Orange County area in Southern California, USA.

    During the visit, we will generate a pre-calibration report for supported displays, showcasing the device’s current color performance. If a calibration is also ordered and performed during the same visit, the evaluation cost is waived.

    Calibration Comparison

    Laptops TVs and Projectors

    EvaluationBasic CalibrationAdvanced Calibration
    Approximate Time25 Minutes45 Minutes2 Hours
    Pre-Calibration Report
    Gamma Correction
    White-Point Adjustment
    Hue Balancing
    Saturation Mapping
    Multiple Colorspace Options
    Post-Calibration Report
    Cost$95*$285 / display$425 / display

    *Free with same-day calibration.

    Recurring Calibration

    With the advent of digital streaming, platforms like Netflix now require their preferred vendors to provide quarterly calibration reports.

    As a specialty service, if a device requires frequent re-calibration, we can offer a quarterly checkup (4 times per year) to verify the display’s accuracy and generate a new calibration report. If the colors have shifted significantly, a new calibration is also performed.

    Calibration TypeBasicAdvanced
    Approximate Time (per visit)45 Minutes2 Hours
    Visits (per year)44
    Cost$600 / display$1,000 / display

    Service Orders

    For more information and service availability, please contact us.